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Property Tax
In Colorado, property taxes are administered by the county in which the property is located. All property taxes for Commerce City are administered by the Adams County Treasurer and Assessor's Office.

Mill Levy
The mill levy is the tax rate used to calculate the tax bills of individual properties within a taxing area (or district). Each taxing authority determines how much revenue they need from property taxes and divides that by the total assessed value of the properties within their boundaries, as supplied by the assessor. The resulting tax rate is multiplied by 1,000 to come up with the mill levy.


Property Tax Revenue Needed $2,500,000
÷ City's Total Assessed Value $685,000,000
= Tax Rate 0.00364
x 1,000 1,000
= Mill Levy 3.64

Property Tax / Mill Levy Calculation

The mill levy is multiplied times the assessed value of a property to determine the amount of taxes due.


Mill Levy 87.925
Assessed Value $15,000
÷ 1,000
= Property Tax
Adams County Assessor’s Office

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