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Quality Community Initiative (QCI)
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Over the last two years, City Council sought input from residents, businesses, land owners and non-profits on how best to achieve the city's vision of a Quality Community for a Lifetime.

We've heard that investing in our community, providing programs and services that address the growing population needs is the best way to achieve our vision and build a better Commerce City.

Ballot Proposal Unanimously Referred
City Council unanimously approved referring a one-cent (1%) sales tax increase to the Nov. 5, 2013 ballot to build, operate and maintain five projects over the next five years as well as provide a dedicated revenue source to construct, operate and maintain road, park and recreation projects in the future. The five projects include: 
  • New recreation center with an indoor pool at Second Creek Community Park (located at 112th Avenue/Chambers Road)
  • Widening of Tower Road from 80th to 103rd avenues
  • New additions to existing recreation center, including a new therapy pool
  • Seasonal outdoor pool in the southern part of the city
  • Three new neighborhood parks in Fronterra, Turnberry and Villages at Buffalo Run East
The estimated costs for these projects is approximately $166 million and a one-cent (or one percent) increase on the city's current 3.5% sales and use tax is expected to raise up to $15 million annually. If approved, the city would issue bonds to complete these projects over the next five years, using annual revenues to pay the debt service.

Council held eight town hall meetings, with approximately 135 attendees, to obtain feedback prior to their vote. An online survey had 364 participants; results of that survey are available online

How did we get here?
In Nov. 2011, city council created the Quality Community Initiative (QCI) stakeholder group to form a clear concept of long-term needs in Commerce City through interactions with the community and city council.

Community Recommendations
In January 2013, the group presented a final report and presentation to city council with its recommendations to achieve long-term goals that are supported by the committee and the community at large. This includes:
  • Review and prioritize city infrastructure / project priorities and costs
  • Review potential funding mechanisms to fund the projects
  • Recommend to City Council on priority projects, preferred ways to fund the projects, and if or when to go to ballot

This group met monthly from the time of their formation to educate themselves about the city's budget, project needs and financial strategies. The QCI also identified a community engagement process to solicit public input on project priorities and potential funding options. A mail survey and series of community meetings were held in late 2012, which formulated QCI's recommendations.

Council Actions
Using a facilitated process, city council members reviewed the projects and funding strategies, identifying the pros/cons, and further prioritized QCI's recommendations. Council members acknowledged the need for Commerce City to keep up with the demands of a growing population while providing funding to maintain improvements that have already been made. 

Starting in March 2013, city staff presented council various capital projects and revenue streams regarding the following items (click to view presentations):

Ongoing Public Dialogue
City Council desired additional information about specific Parks and Recreation projects to better understand what the community desires in new and existing recreation facilities as well as community/neighborhood parks. To achieve this, community input was sought during the last week of April through a series of public meetings and a survey.

Based on that data and council dialogue during the May 20 meeting, staff started the process to conduct a community survey about potential ballot initiatives in November.

City Council received the results of that survey (conducted in early June) during July 15 meeting presentation.

2014 Citizen Survey

A telephone survey of Commerce City residents was conducted to gauge the perception of important items like quality of life, direction of the city, safety as well as many other items. Over 500 citizens were surveyed and the complete 66 page results report is available as well as a copy of the questions that were asked and demographics of those who participated.

View the 2014 Commerce City Citizen Survey results here.

Julia Emko
Interim Communications Manager

Ph: 303-289-3782