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Trash & Recycling
New trash service this spring
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This spring, Commerce City is switching residential trash and recycling collection services to a fully automated system which reduces environmental impacts, improves neighborhood appearance and continues to provide quality pick-up service as the city grows. The new Fully Automated Collection (FAC) service saves the city more than $600,000 and is more environmentally responsible with less impact to roads, compressed natural gas for the entire truck fleet, and larger cans for recycling.

All households will receive two new cans, one for trash and one for recycling and each default to 96 gallons. The new cans will be provided during normally scheduled service and residents will be alerted to any possible route changes.

Residents received an informational packet in January that details the transition to FAC. Trash and recycling service and collection days will remain the same through Feb. 23, 2015, when the FAC transition will begin to be implemented throughout March. While most residents' collection days will remain the same, some will need to be adjusted to accommodate the transition. If your collection day changes, you will be notified via mail one week or more prior to a change.

We encourage you to 'Be a Can Fan' and support this transition as the city continues to grow and embrace new methods that improve operations. For more information about trash services, contact Waste Management  at 1-800-482-6406.

Residents will be receiving an informational packet in January that details the transition. Download the packet and new calendar here:
English Version
Versión en español

Please check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions, for more specific answers to many of the questions we have received.

Commerce City Trash Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Waste Management
Customer Service
Ph: 1-800-482-6406