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In spring of 2015, Commerce City rolled out new residential trash and recycling collection services, switching to a fully automated system which reduces environmental impacts, improves neighborhood appearance and continues to provide quality pick-up service as the city grows. The new Fully Automated Collection (FAC) service saves the city more than $600,000 and is more environmentally responsible with less impact to roads, compressed natural gas for the entire truck fleet, and larger cans for recycling. 

All households should have two cans, one for trash and one for recycling and each default to 96 gallons. 

Tree limbs

  • Tree limbs may be placed into the garbage can if the lid can still be closed.
  • Use one of your five large-item pickups to dispose of tree limbs, call Waste Management at 1-800-482-6406 to schedule.
  • Remember to cut tree limbs no longer than 4 feet in length, tied and bundled no bigger than 18 inches in diameter and weigh no more than 35 pounds per bundle.

Learn more about large-item pickups, tree limbs, yard waste and more in the FAQ below.

2016 resident trash information packet (English and Spanish). Calendar, large-item pickup details and more.

Please check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions, for more specific answers to many of the questions we have received.

Commerce City Trash Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Waste Management
Customer Service
Ph: 1-800-482-6406