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New trash service this spring
This spring, Commerce City is switching residential trash and recycling collection services to a fully automated system which reduces environmental impacts, improves neighborhood appearance and continues to provide quality pick-up service as the city grows. The new Fully Automated Collection (FAC) service saves the city more than $600,000 and is more environmentally responsible with less impact to roads, compressed natural gas for the entire truck fleet, and larger cans for recycling.

All households will receive two new cans, one for trash and one for recycling and each default to 96 gallons. The new cans will be provided during normally scheduled service and residents will be alerted to any possible route changes.

Residents will be receiving an informational packet in January that details the transition to FAC. Trash and recycling service and collection days will remain the same through Feb. 23, 2015, when the FAC transition will begin to be implemented throughout the month. While most residents' collection days will remain the same, some will need to be adjusted to accommodate the transition.

We encourage you to 'Be a Can Fan' and support this transition as the city continues to grow and embrace new methods that improve operations. For more information about trash services, contact Waste Management  at (800) 482-6406.

Residents will be receiving an informational packet in January that details the transition. Download the packet and new calendar here:
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Current Trash & Recycling Guidelines:
Commerce City is one of two local communities in the metro area that provides weekly trash and biweekly recycling services to residents at no additional cost.

Collection Schedule
The city contracts with Waste Management to provide this service. View the trash and recycling pick-up schedule. Trash service is delayed by one day if a holiday falls on or before your normally scheduled trash day. Holidays observed are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Trash is collected between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. for all city households. To report a missed pick-up, please call Waste Management directly at 303-797-1600.

What Will Waste Management Pick-Up?
Place your trash containers/bags curbside by 7 a.m. on your pick-up day but no earlier than 7 p.m. the evening before. Make sure they are directly accessible for trash collection and not obstructed from view by fences, hedges or automobiles.

Trash must be placed in cans, disposable cartons or plastic bags, which must be tied securely. Each container or bag must not exceed a weight of 50 pounds. All containers (not to exceed 32-gallon capacity) must have a tight-fitting cover in place at all times. Cool fireplace ashes and bag them separately. 

Yard clippings such as grass and leaves should be bagged, and bags must be tied securely. Tree limbs must be no longer than four feet and no more than 18 inches in diameter. Limbs must be tied in bundles that are no heavier than 50 pounds.

What Won't Be Picked Up?
The city doesn't pick up hazardous waste chemicals such as pesticides, paint products, oil, concrete, automotive batteries and biological or medical waste. For information on disposing of these items, please call Tri-County Health at 303-288-6816. Excessive volumes of trash as determined by the city also will not be collected.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!
The city provides single stream recycling,which means materials do not have to be sorted - you can place all items together in the recycling bins provided.

What can be recycled? Acceptable items include newspaper, office paper, tin/steel and aluminum cans, junk mail, phone books, magazines, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, catalogs, chipboard packaging and plastic (#1 through and #7). Download a recyclable items flier from Waste Management.

Learn where to recycle items such as computer parts and motor oil in our FAQ section.

Large Item Pick-Up
The city does allow large items such as an appliance or piece of furniture to be picked up. Residents must call Waste Management at 303-797-1600 at least 24 hours before his/her normal trash day to schedule this service. Auto parts (engine blocks, transmissions, and auto body parts) are not permitted.