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City Manager
Commerce City's Organization
Commerce City operates under a council-manager form of government, where an elected city council appoints a city manager, who serves as chief executive officer of the organization. 

Brian McBroom is city manager for Commerce City.

Responsibilities & Services
The city manager administers and implements the vision and objectives established by the City Council, ensuring Commerce City’s vision of a "Quality Community for a Lifetime" is realized. The City Manager’s Office:
  • Works closely with city council to develop policies, propose new plans, and discuss issues that affect Commerce City residents.
  • Works with residents and members of the business community to address and solve problems.
  • Supervises all departments.
  • Monitors legislative matters and conducts intergovernmental relations.
  • Prepares city’s biannual budget and capital improvement program for city council review and approval.
  • Implements annual city council goals.
  • Communicates public information to a wide variety of audiences.
  • Prepares city council agendas and maintains city records.
  • Encourages economic development within the city.

The city manager’s office also provides city council members weekly updates that include upcoming events as well as follow-up issues raised during city council meetings.